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Consultation has concluded.

UPDATE! City Council will consider at its Aug. 26 meeting a question on the November ballot about whether the city should contract with companies for waste collection in Lakewood. Learn more about about this next step.

If you have questions, please ask it in the “Ask Us!” section or email us at

Consultation has concluded.

UPDATE! City Council will consider at its Aug. 26 meeting a question on the November ballot about whether the city should contract with companies for waste collection in Lakewood. Learn more about about this next step.

If you have questions, please ask it in the “Ask Us!” section or email us at

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  • Will yard waste composting be available on a month to month purchase plan? No need to pay for a service when it is not required during winter months, think snow on the ground.

    Bob asked 3 months ago

    In the proposed contract language, the composting service would be year-round because it would accept all organic waste, including food waste. 

  • What about LARGE volumes of yard waste? Those of us with +acre lots in old Lakewood have large trees and yards full of foliage and we need more than a diminutive "compost service." We need a robust yard trimmings program like that in San Jose, California, where the yard waste is piled in the street and picked up by a Transformer-like set of claws. Street sweeping follows on the day after. Please add something to the contracted system that takes large-lot owners into consideration unless you want us storing our yard waste in HUGE piles waiting for the "no-fee twice-yearly yard waste curbside collection." Note that we currently pay $27.27 per month for recycling and trash removal. Until this last month, ProDisposal allowed unlimited trash cans of trash and yard waste. Now they are limiting us, but it still looks better than what the citywide contract may provide. We just got this new explanation of services in the mail from ProDisposal (now Waste Connections): Your trash limit will be (1) 96GL container plus 3 additional bags with a maximum weight limit of 40lbs each. (This can be substituted with customer's cans (up to 32GL) and cannot exceed the maximum weight of 40lbs ea.) • If you do not have a 96GL container, your limit would be 6 bags or cans with a max weight limit of 40lbs each. • This can be a combination of Household Trash and/or Yard Waste. • Tree limbs must be bundled and cannot be any bigger than 4ft long x 2ft wide • We do not guarantee customers cans due to damage or loss • Each additional 96GL container is $3/mo All Trash and Recycle containers will be left at curbside upon completion of service. I'd like to know, "Has the city considered the needs of the owners of large lots? And if not, can they do so now and provide large-lot owners with more reasonably priced options than those I am seeing listed? It seems logical that if a company were to win a contract with the city that their prices should go down, not up. If this doesn't seem likely, we will have to vote "No" even though we like the idea of a consolidated system of waste collection. Thank you.

    geokty asked 3 months ago

    Based on the proposed contract language included in the RFP, the contracted hauler(s) would be required to provide a minimum of two curbside yard-waste pickup events per year at no extra cost. This minimum could be adjusted in the final contract negotiations. Beyond these pickups, households would have the option to subscribe to weekly compost collection for an extra fee or pay, as needed, for extra trash removal. As the program is implemented the contracted hauler(s) would be required to track volumes of waste so that the program could be adjusted during the next contract cycle (every 3-5 years). 

    The city is also actively working on finding a location for a yard waste disposal (slash) facility that would enable residents to drop off limbs and other yard waste. We are aware that this is a significant challenge and are working to find ways to address the proper management of yard waste. 

  • I live at Green Mountain II townhomes. Will the service apply to complexes like ours? Hoping to be included...also hoping for composting as well as recycle. Nice to see Lakewood growing up in important ways than just growth!

    Carol asked 6 months ago

    Thanks for your question! In the exploratory RFP that was issued by the City in order to learn more about potential prices and services, homeowners associations that contract for waste collection currently (like yours) would have the option to be a part of the citywide program or maintain their own hauler. Keep in mind City Council has not made any decision to move forward with a contracted system and more discussion is to come!

  • Is there a reason why all trash collection companies in this area only offer recycling pick-up every two weeks instead of every week?

    Lakewood Cares asked about 1 year ago

    Thanks for your question! There are no regulations for pick-up frequency in Lakewood. Haulers may choose to offer every other week recycling in order to reduce transportation costs. Because recycling does not have any organic material, like food waste, it can sit out for longer without emitting odor or attracting pests. However, we have heard from other residents who have also expressed interest in weekly recycling pickup. Thanks for sharing this idea with us on the idea board!

  • Just curious how many miles of streets Lakewood has??.... so, if Lakewood has 10 trucks on each street every week and Lakewood has xxx miles of streets, and a garbage truck uses 4 gallons per mile … then how many gallons of fuel could we be saving each week... A single hauler or 2,3 hauler system would have on average 3 trucks per week (2 on garbage weeks and 4 on recycling weeks) Then if Diesel is $3 per gallon the haulers don't need to use how many dollars in fuel to do the same job??

    Nate asked over 1 year ago

    Hello! According to a 2016 inventory, Lakewood has 543 miles of streets. We have found studies that agree with several of your points- fewer haulers in a geographical area reduce street impacts, vehicle emissions, fuel use, and is more cost effective for the hauler because they have more customers per mile.

    You might be interested in a 2009 Minnesota study that modeled hauling costs based on distance. The "Waste Collection Service Arrangements" report is available online at Page 38 includes a model of costs per mile based on gas, labor, etc.

  • Does Lakewood offer the annual electronics disposal days or other large neighborhood clean-up efforts to dispose of items that normal trash wouldn't take (electronics, large items, paint, oil, etc.)?

    jamespwill asked over 1 year ago

    Yes! The City of Lakewood hosts an annual Earth Day electronics event in April at the Lakewood Heritage Center. You can find a full list of places to take hard-to-recycle materials at