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Goal #6. Provide exceptional stewardship of the City's parks, cultural and recreational resources. Encourage stewardship development in the community.

by Allison,

Stewardship is an important focus of the Community Resources Department's work. Preservation of open space, management of natural areas, volunteerism and historic preservation have a significant presence in what we do.

To continue our legacy of stewardship and resource preservation, the department will:

a. Coordinate operations and management to support natural systems and climate mitigation and adaptation goals of the City of Lakewood Sustainability Plan.

b. Continue as a leader in the metro area in effective water management.

c. Continue implementation and fine tuning of Natural Areas Management Plan to include entire park system native areas.

d. Prioritize acquisition efforts and consider opportunities as they arise to expand the City's parkland portfolio.

e. Evaluate and recommend updates to current park dedication fee structure.

f. Expand stewardship of Lakewood's historical resources to preserve and share the community's history as outlined in the 2017 Lakewood Heritage Center Master Plan.

g. Advance the education, advocacy and partnership goals as part of the 2012 Historic Preservation Plan.

h. Evaluate and implement best practices related to volunteerism and support community efforts to integrate volunteers in meaningful ways.

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