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Goal #5. Empower Lakewood Residents to make the most of their parks, cultural and recreational opportunities through effective marketing and communication.

by Allison,

When asked why they don't visit Lakewood arts, parks and recreational facilities, 37% of residents said it is because they are not aware of what is offered.

To ensure Lakewood residents are aware of the department’s offerings, and to take into account Lakewood’s diverse population, the department will:

a. Create and implement a Community Resources Department marketing plan that results in the delivery of consistent messaging through standardized practices and explores the expansion of bilingual promotional material.

b. Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the department's family of publications.

c. Develop best communication practices to increase outreach to target populations including older adults, new residents, Latino residents, low income residents and others revealed during the development of the marketing plan.

d. Improve way finding elements such as street, park and facility signage. Explore the implementation of standardized facility and park markers to help orient residents toward their facilities.

e. Enhance communication efforts to Lakewood residents through schools in Lakewood.

f. Increase awareness of winter recreational and fishing opportunities through effective communication and promotion.

g. Explore the opportunity to create a citizen advocacy network to help with word of mouth messages regarding programs and facilities.

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