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    The City Council is moving forward with the process of putting a question on the November ballot to ask voters to lift the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights limits. The question is expected to include the following items:

    • Ask Lakewood voters to allow the city to keep and spend the $12.5 million of funds currently in excess of the TABOR limits for the following purposes:
      • $8.5 million for open space and parkland purchases.
      • $2 million for police protective gear and capital investments in safety-related equipment.
      • $2 million for infrastructure and transportation needs.
    • Ask voters to keep and spend any future revenues above the TABOR limits through Dec. 31, 2025 for the following purposes:
      • One-third for open space and parkland purchases, improvements and maintenance.
      • One-third on infrastructure including for new and upgraded sidewalks, paths and streetlights and other lighting where needed for safety and important transportation improvements with high-priority public safety issues.
      • One-third on police for safety equipment, capital needs and agents.
    • Require a separate budget to ensure the $12.5 million and any future revenues above the TABOR limit are spent for only these purposes.

    Council will take final action on this proposed ballot item during its Aug. 27 Regular City Council Meeting, which will include time for public comment.