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7 months ago
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If you enjoy a brain-busting question like we do, make sure you visit this site every Monday to answer a Lakewood-related trivia question in the section labeled "Weekly trivia." These weekly quizzes will include questions on Lakewood's incorporation, history, city services, community hot spots and more.

Oct. 29

Q: Who was the first mayor of Lakewood?

A: James Jeff "Jim" Richey.

Nov. 5:

Q: How many patrol agents did the Lakewood Police Department have when it was first established in 1970?

A: 30.

Nov. 12

Q: How many square miles was Lakewood after incorporation in 1969?

A: 26.

Nov. 19

Q: How many large plow trucks does Street Maintenance operate during any given snow storm?

A: 28.

Nov. 26

Q: What did the Belmar area replace before becoming Belmar?

A: The Villa Italia Mall.

Dec. 3

Q: How many tennis courts does the City have?

A: 34.

Dec. 10

Q: On average, how many performances and events are held in the Lakewood Cultural Center theater each year?

A: 186 performances.

Dec. 17

Q: How many creeks are in Bear Creek Lake Park?

A: Four.

Dec. 25

No question in observance of the holiday.

Dec. 31

No question in observance of the holiday.

Jan. 7
Q: How many pages was the original city of Lakewood budget?

A: 15 pages.

Jan. 14

Q: How many neighborhoods in Lakewood are certified as Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhoods?
A: Eight neighborhoods. The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program started in Lakewood in 2012 as a way to encourage and support community sustainability projects. The eight Outstanding neighborhoods are Applewood, Belmar, Eiber, Green Mountain, Lake Lochwood Village, Morse Park, South of 6th and Southern Gables. Neighborhood volunteers working in the program have engaged over 13,000 Lakewood residents through workshops, events and projects.

Jan. 21
Q: How many parks are included in the 40West ArtLine?
A: Three parks: Mountair, Aviation and Walker Branch parks.

Jan. 28
Q: Which was the city’s first park?
A: Morse Park.

Feb. 4
Q: In what year did the city start using smartphones to better support the community?
A: The answer is 2010. City Council members first started using smartphones in 2010, using the iPhone 3 model; since then, the city has continued to ensure that technology is a key consideration in how we support the Community.

Feb. 11
Q: What was the Lakewood Police Department previously known as?
A: The answer is Lakewood Department of Public Safety.

Feb. 18
Q: What year did the Lakewood Cultural Center open?
A: The answer is 2000.

Feb. 25
Q: How many city halls have there been since the city incorporated?
A:The answer is four.

March 4
Q: Where was the 1st City Council meetings held?
A: The answer is Lakewood High School.

March 11
Q: How many objects are in the Lakewood Heritage Center's museum collection?
A: The answer is 40,000-50,000.

March 18
Q: Where was the badge located on the first Lakewood Police uniforms?
A: The answer is it was carried in their wallet, so there was no badge on the uniform shirt.

March 25

In the yard behind the Stone House, what activity are the two statues participating in?

A: The answer is fishing.

April 1
No question this week.

April 8
Q: What animal is there a sign warning patrons about in Mountainside Park?
A: Mountain Lion.

April 15
Q: Where was the 1st City Hall located?
A:1580 Yarrow St.

April 22
Q: How many City Clerks has Lakewood had?
A: Three.

April 29
Same question as April 22.

May 6
Q: What is the name of the Bird Statue located on the north end of Kountze Lake in Belmar Park?
A: Morning Mist.

May 13
Q: In what year were residents able to use a city of Lakewood online system?
A: Answer coming soon!