Three ways to get involved in Lakewood's 50th Anniversary Celebration

9 months ago
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Whether you’re a history buff, trivia master or art exhibit aficionado, there are opportunities for everyone to join Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary celebration! We’re using both traditional and online ways for residents to participate in Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary to make sure anyone and everyone is included.

1. Go online

  • Participate in the digital time capsule: Help make history by telling future residents and leaders what’s important with an entry to the digital time capsule for 2069.
  • Take part in weekly trivia questions about Lakewood.
  • Receive a prize by completing the historical scavenger hunt.
  • Read about Lakewood’s incorporation back in 1969.
  • Watch videos covering the city’s history.
  • Learn about the “50 Objects for Lakewood's 50th Anniversary” project, making the city’s museum items available for viewing online.

2. Attend events and in-person activities

  • Be on the lookout for surprise pop-up parties around Lakewood with cake and giveaways.
  • Visit the Lakewood Heritage Center at 801 S. Yarrow St. every month for a new special exhibit about Lakewood’s incorporation in 1969. Participate in hands-on farming activities, see photos of favorite 1970s restaurants and listen to audio histories of former Lakewood mayors.
  • Check out “Three Views: Contemporary Work by Two Generations of Lakewood Artists Charles Parson, Collin Parson and Devon Parson,” a Lakewood family kicking off the 50th anniversary art exhibition series.
  • Snag giveaways at your favorite annual city events like Cider Days, Rockin’ Block Party, Earth Day, Lakewood Lights, Big Boom Bash and more.

3. Get social

  • Join the celebration on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #Lakewood50.
  • See what’s trending, keep an eye out for contests and show us how you’re celebrating by uploading a photo or video using the celebration hashtag on your social media.

And there’s no need to wait – there’s plenty of celebration to do now!