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July 15 City Council Discussion

12 months ago

At the July 15 Study Session, City Council directed staff to prepare language for consideration for inclusion on the ballot in this November’s municipal election. The intent of the ballot question would be to ask the community whether or not the city should contract with companies to provide more efficient residential waste collection in Lakewood. This direction was given after staff presented options that Lakewood could take for improving the current residential waste system

You can watch the presentation and discussion from the July 15 meeting by clicking on item 5 on the agenda next to the video.

What Comes Next?
City Council will consider passing a resolution to include this question on the ballot during a to-be-determined meeting date. In the meantime, we encourage you to read the latest staff report to learn more about the benefits and trade-offs of a contracted system (page 21 of the report).

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  • NH 11 months ago
    Why is this still being considered when your estimates proved it is not an overall cost savings to all of us?I can’t understand for the life of me why the City thinks it should dictate that I pay MORE than what I currently am paying? This is just shifting costs. Once again only those on the most limited plan will save anything. And they will do this at the expense of people like me who will now be forced to pay about $10 more per month than what I’m currently paying. This proposal brings absolutely no cost savings to many of us and takes away our right to choose and ability to hold contractors accountable when their service is lacking. I urge you to forget this idea and focus your time and our tax dollars on other issues this City is facing (like homeless camps along the Bear Creek Trail and increasing crime rates).
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