Comprehensive Plan Project Information

Planning Process

The planning process for the Comprehensive Plan update, called Envision Lakewood 2040, includes four phases. Phase 1 was completed in 2023 and Phase 2 started in January 2024 and will continue throughout this year. 

More details about Phase 2

The engagement activities that are planned for this year are centered around getting input on two big questions: 1) “What is our shared vision and values for Lakewood’s future?” 2) “How do we get closer to reaching this vision over the next 15 years?”. These two questions create the structure of the engagement process, breaking it down into two parts. 

The answers to these questions will build on each other and will provide the foundation for the content of the Comprehensive Plan. Once both questions have clear answers that represent and reflect the voices and experiences of as many community members in Lakewood as possible including staff, City Council, and Planning Commission, the information will be compiled and staff will begin drafting the plan in Fall 2024. 

The goal at the end of Phase 2 is to have a draft of the Comprehensive Plan ready to begin the review process in Phase 3.


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