How will my input affect this plan?

    This is your neighborhood’s plan!  Our goal is to guide residents in developing the best plan for the neighborhood. We will work with residents to ensure that their ideas and concerns are addressed in the vision, goals and outcomes of the plan.

    I can't make the meeting! How do I share my thoughts?

    Share your thoughts by taking the survey that is here on the website (click here). It is the same survey that will be used at the community meetings, and the online version will be available here two weeks before the meetings and one week after.  Additionally, you can ask us any questions you have on the “Ask A Question” tab on the main page.

    Lakewood just completed the Union Area Transportation Study in 2018. How will this plan be different?

    The Union Neighborhood Vision Plan will focus on the overall character of the area, with an emphasis on land use and design.  It will complement the Union Area Transportation Study (click here to view) without conflicting or redoing the findings of the transportation study. While some topics of the two plans are related, the expected goals and outcomes of this plan will be different.

    The purpose of the transportation study was to create a list of projects to improve transportation options for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists in the area based on possible future development.  Some recommendations from the transportation study are currently underway. Design work has begun on the following projects: a second right turn lane for northbound Union to eastbound West Sixth Avenue; pedestrian crossing on Union at Sere Lane; and a traffic signal at West Florida Avenue and Union.

    How were the planning area boundaries determined?

    The planning area boundaries are based on a number of factors including overall character, natural boundaries such as roads, adjacent land uses, and the boundaries used for the Union Area Transportation Study.

    What is the status of the vacant property north of the Federal Center light rail station?

    The land is owned by the federal government, and it is somewhere in the disposition process. Because of its access to light rail, future development on this site is likely.  It is important to include this site in the Union Neighborhood Vision Plan to guide recommendations for future development that will occur on this land.